EvryGama - a Gamer and a Tech-Nerd

EvryGama Background

I’ m a half German and half Italian guy who loves making Youtube Videos.

I was born in Florence in Tuscany / Italy and grew up there with my family on a beautyful hill on the countryside.

As I became 9 years old I moved to Germany with my parents in the surroundings of Würzburg / Bavaria where I lived for a long time.

I studied Game Design in the direction of “3D Art and Animation” in Munich, the capital of Bavaria, where I also worked as a 3D Artist in the automotive industry. I also lived and worked in the Gaming Industry in Berlin (Germany’ s capital which I still love). Currently I live in Stuttgart where I make all of my live streams and where I produce all of my videos.

As a 3D Artist and as a Visualizer of 3D content I already had some experience with cutting Videos with Premiere Pro before I started with the whole Evrygama project, which is really coming in handy for my general video production.

 More from EvryGama

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         Youtube:              https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtDPSGpbFqvCDt2xTEHfaDA

         Facebook:           https://www.facebook.com/EvryGama-on-Youtube-109209900608092

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   Twitter:            https://twitter.com/EvryGama 

EvryGama’ s Favourites

All time favourite games:

The Legend of Zelda series

Metroid Series

Castlevania series

Resident Evil 1, 2 and 3, Code Veronica and Revelations

Mario Kart 8

Cyberpunk 2077

Favourite Animes:


Dragon Ball

One Piece

Princess Mononoke

The Fifth Element; multipass scene picture

Favourite Films:

The Fifth Element (How awesome this “MULTI PASS” scene shown on the screenshot is! I just love it! ;-))

Die Hard series

Tiger & Dragon

House of the flying Daggers


Amur maple in a japanese garden

-> Create Content on Youtube, Facebook and Twitch

-> I like gaming in all it’s forms; On PC, on Console on my Gaming Phone or also on Retro devices.

-> Sports; Wind/ Kite surfing / Team Sports like Beach Volley Ball, Soccer / Snowboarding / Inline Skating/           Swimming

-> Cars in all their kinds

-> Knowing new People

-> The Nature itsself / Hiking / having walks in nice surroundings and observing the animals and plants

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