About me

EvryGama - a Gamer and a Tech-Nerd

EvryGama Background

Evrygama is a half German and half Italian guy who loves making Youtube Videos.

He was born in Florence in Tuscany / Italy and he grew up with my family on a beautyful hill on the countryside.

As he was 9 years he moved to Germany to the Surroundings of Würzburg / Bavaria in Germany where he lived for a long time.

He studied “3D Art and Animation” in Munich, the capital of Bavaria, where he also worked as a 3D Artist in the automotive industry. Inbetween he also lived and worked in Berlin – Germany’ s beautiful capital whitch he still likes and loves.

As a 3D Artist and a Visualizer of 3D content he also had some experience with cutting Videos with Premiere, which is really coming in handy now for his Webpage and Youtube Project EvryGama.

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My all time favourite games are:

The Legend of Zelda series

Metroid Fusion / Metroid Prime Series

Castlevania series

Resident Evil series


My favourite Animes are:


Dragon Ball

One Piece

Princess Mononoke

The Fifth Element; multipass scene picture

My favourite Films are:

The Fifth Element (how awesome this multipass scene shown on the screenshot is! I just love it! ;-))

Die Hard series

Tiger & Dragon

House of the flying Daggers


Amur maple in a japanese garden

-> Create Content on Youtube

-> I like gaming in all it’s ways; On PC, on Console on my Gaming Phone or also on Retro devices.

-> Sports; Wind/ Kite surfing / Team Sports like Beach Volley Ball, Soccer / Snowboarding / Swimming

-> Cars in all their kinds

-> Knowing new People

-> The Nature itsself / Hiking / having walks in nice surroundings and observing the animals and plants

More Information

For more Information and pictures about EvryGama check out his Facebook-Account and his Instagram appearence:

 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EvryGama-on-Youtube-109209900608092/?modal=admin_todo_tour

 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/evrygama/